Our Services

We offer a unique process of pool car management. Offering different services which are chained perfectly together in one fluent cycle, make us the best in the field of operational fleet services and solutions. Our main target of our services is to relieve our customers of all technical and operational tasks to be done on a company car, and to lower direct and indirect cost of your car fleet.


Damage reviews

Care4Fleets' advisor checking front bumper of car in presence of clients
Care4Fleets' advisor marking damage on camera tool
Advisor at work, checking also the inside and the papers of the vehicle.
Real pricing when calculating costs of damages

Our damage reviews are done by an independent team of damage advisors. Their methodology was developed over years of experience and specifically tailored to company cars.

A strength of the team is their flexibility. Damage reviews can therefore be done at each driver-car switch, at exit employment, at the end of lease of a car or in between to have a better view of damages on your fleet. Next to these services, location options and date of appointments are endless. Reviews can take place at any given address, including at your business location, a private address or at our own offices, where we created a well-equipped infrastructure to execute reviews in the best conditions. Due to our short lead times, it is possible to plan appointments for the far and near future.

The newly developed methodology focusses on the usage of traditional repair methods but mostly on using innovative repair methods like smart & spot repair which can repair damages faster, by lower costs and often as good as or even better than traditional methods. Doing this while using real pricing for calculations of the costs. Since we work with camera/smartphones supported by an online real-time platform, we can directly upload reports. Your drivers can sign the damage review report on our tablet and they will receive it in their mailbox. As soon as the damage review is finished, you as well can find the complete damage review report in your mailbox and on our online platform. The method can also be tailored to your fleet needs based on your car policy and/or HR requirements. 

In addition, it is important for damage advisors to help you approach your drivers independently regarding damages on their car. They will also raise awareness on how to properly treat a company car (according to the Renta norm), how to proceed when the car is damaged and how to prevent certain damages.

Want more information on this independent advisory team? Click here. 



A view from above of our Care For Fleets offices.
Care For Fleets employee working behind his desk, doing administrative tasks.
View through the curtains of our offices.
Care For Fleets employee putting the phone down after a conversation with a customer.
Our team is here for you!

Our administration and planning team is your first point of contact. Every business day our colleagues are available to help you out with your day to day fleet concerns. They are the ones that will receive your questions, contact your drivers, schedule appointments and will technically set-up every process your car(s) will go through. Our goal is to help you as much as we can and to do this with a smile. This includes having broad opening hours and not taking any holiday closures. In short, our team is here for you!




Car going through professional carwash.
Carwash employee checking the details.
Brand new carwash installation with vacuumcleaners etc.
Your car(s) should be showroom ready when delivered

Needless to say that cleaning of your cars is an essential part of our process. Our cleaning team makes sure every car is ready to be delivered at any moment, and more importantly in a perfectly clean status both inside and outside. This includes checking the tire pressure and if fluids are filled. Next to our high-level standard cleaning service, we also offer a broad range of specific cleaning services like:

  • - In-depth cleaning of interiors
  • - Anti-smell treatment
  • - Anti-smoke treatment
  • - Cleaning of utility cars
  • - Polish treatment
  • - etc.

We make your pool car as good as new so that it can be used again in your running fleet in the best possible way.


Technical Check

Checking the car on all vital functions, on this photo the fire extinguisher and safety vests.
Employee filling in a checklist for the technical check of a car.
Our most important service of all

The technical status of your vehicles directly affects safety and driving experience of your drivers. This is why we pay great attention to this part of the process. Our technical advisor team works closely with our cleaning team to detect any possible technical issues. They register every finding in a detailed checklist which will be reported to you, our customer.

A detailed technical check means checking all vital functions of a car. This contains the following:

  • - Check maintenance status
  • - Check tire pressure
  • - Presence of legal kit
  • - Presence of car documents

A technical check means that we also check the cars on other technical issues like:

  • - Battery problems
  • - Brake issues
  • - Functioning of lighting
  • - Functioning of GPS, radio, and other multimedia
  • - Functioning of central closing-system
  • - Functioning of heating system
  • - Presence and functioning of window-wipers
  • - etc.

If issues are small, we will immediately fix the urgent issues. To resolve bigger issues we work closely together with official dealerships, tire centers, lease companies, glass repair companies, etc. who guarantee us the fastest service without having to make appointments. If this latter is needed, the technical team will report directly to the administration team who will arrange these repairs. 

Performing this check in a profound way is necessary to make sure we can provide every customer with a fully reliable, safe and comfortable car.



Driver going through checklist before transporting the vehicle.
Driver going through checklist before transporting the vehicle and ready to deliver.
Car ready for delivery by transport team.
Transport by truck.
Flexibility can be guaranteed through our transport team

Our transport services are one of the most appreciated services we offer. In agreement with the customer, we can organise a pick-up and/or delivery of cars at their office or even at their home address, in Belgium and abroad.

Flexibility is key and can be guaranteed by enabling multiple drivers at once. This means we offer the possibility to arrive at a specific time instead of being limited to a range of hours. Pick-ups or deliveries requested one day in advance can be carried out as of 7.30 am the next day. If needed, rush assignments can even be executed the same day still! The level of flexibility enhances us to return end of lease cars immediately (after the damage appraisal) to leasing companies or to deliver a company car on the first working day of a new employee. Our flexibility gave us the position of being amongst the most flexible car transporting companies in Belgium.

With every pick-up or delivery our drivers will thoroughly summarise the condition of the car (general information, damages, options the car is equipped with, etc.) in the presence of your company driver via a car check if requested.

Need a bigger amount of cars to be delivered or picked-up at once? No problem, we can arrange transportation by trucks as well.


Vehicle Conversion

Example of a converted utility vehicle by Care For Fleets Vehicle Conversion department.
Example of a converted Police vehicle by Care For Fleets Vehicle Conversion department.
Example of a converted utility vehicle with a Nox Box by Care For Fleets Vehicle Conversion department.
Example of a converted utility vehicle by Care For Fleets Vehicle Conversion department.
Example of a cupboard built-in in a utility vehicle by Care For Fleets Vehicle Conversion department.
Our vehicle conversion team can transform every car or utility vehicle according to your needs

We have been active in the world of vehicle conversion for several years. Our team possesses an incremental know-how and experience when it comes to applying your daily needs to your vehicles. Every day we examine the limitations our customers are faced with concerning their vehicles, and we propose conversion solutions based on creativity, quality and service.

Our vehicle conversion programme offers a broad range of possibilities:

  • - Coating of floors and side protections
  • - Signalisation
  • - Lettering, printing and/or wrapping
  • - Mounting of tail lifts and ladder systems
  • - Installation of cabins, desks, monitors and intercoms

Not only do we install different sorts of modifications in your vehicles, the vehicle conversion department at Care4Fleets also acts as an exclusive dealer for the Italian brand Baggio De Sordi. One of their most remarkable products is called the 'Nox Box'. This box can be mounted on any pick-up truck and contains numerous toolsets in addition to a system for (un)loading ladders.


Parking Solutions

Care4Fleets' interior car storage park
Cars stored in interior storage park at Care4Fleets
Cars cleaned for delivery stored in interior storage park
Cars stored in interior storage park at Care4Fleets
Highly secured interior and exterior parking solutions available, short and long term

Our facility in Vilvoorde is well equipped to store over 2750 cars simultaneously, on a highly secured interior and exterior parking. We occupy more than 57.000m² and extensions are always possible. Based on the central location of our premises in Vilvoorde, we can work easily all over the country with very short lead times.

During the time that cars are parked with us, both short term and long term, they are regularly checked and therefore ready to be delivered upon request. This makes it very easy for you to keep any number of cars available.