Thursday October 13 2016

NEWS: Care4Fleets advisors review 200 Corsa's

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Summer 2016,  5 courageous Care4Fleets advisors where tasked to have 200 Opel Corsa's reviewed at Fascination Center in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe. This is their story.

Divided over 4 different days, the advisors had about 50 Corsa's to review each day making for a total of 10 Corsa's for each advisor each day. Even though weather conditions were not always optimal, under all circumstances they managed to bring every damage review to a good end. Being closely monitored by tens of Corsa owners this was not always an easy task. 

But in the end, everybody was happy about their review and even more about their new Mercedes. Though where did that VW Polo come from?