Friday January 7 2022

The Launch of Our Special Project: The Break Room

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A big milestone in the world of Care4fleets, Drivex and Care4drivers. On the 5th of January we had the honours of opening our newest special project: The Break Room.

As you all know, our offices are situated in the old factories of Renault. The historic building offers us of course the space to operate and to move and stock our customer’s cars with the best care. In addition, there are also some breaking points with having all of this space. Such as the cafeteria being a short walk away from the main offices. The short walk is fine for our longer lunch breaks, however is too far away for a quick 10 minute break during the day.  


The Care4fleets Cafeteria (a collage of two pictures)
A glance at our Care4fleets Cafeteria, a short walk away from our open offices.

In our new people management and happiness at work initiatives, we decided to tackle this breaking point as our first project of 2022. Therefore, we created The Break Room.

Colleagues can now enjoy their 10 minute breaks away from their desks, away from their workspaces, away from the open office and other working colleagues can continue in a peaceful environment. Not only can our colleagues relax on a comfortable sofa, they can also get fully energized during a game of foosball, a quick card game or let their creativity break free on the new chalkboard.

On the 5th of January we hosted a small corona-proof gathering with all of our colleagues present that day and let them explore the new room.

The first Care4fleets colleagues exploring our new Break room
Our first visitors, (Care4fleets, Drivex and Care4drivers) colleagues exploring their new Break Room.

Our CEO officially opening the Break Room with a small speach
And of course, a small speach from our CEO could not miss on this special occasion

What do you think? Did we succeed in creating a fun, relaxing, yet energizing space?


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