Sunday April 16 2017

Eager to work at Care4Fleets? Have a look at our job offers!

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Job offers standing at Care4Fleets

As Care4Fleets continues to expand their business and their market, so do the teams responsible for the well-faring of the company. At the moment we are looking for motivated people to fulfill the following positions: 


Reception & Administration 


- You are a positive, cheerful, receptionist who is eager to work and is our first contact for our visitors. 

- Besides welcoming visitors, you will have a series of administrative tasks and will support the team of Care4fleets if needed. 

- You will work closely with your colleagues and will meet clients, suppliers and customers.

- You will receive and transfer phone calls and will take note of messages. 

- You will copy, classify, input, take care of lay-out of documents. 

- You will consult, enter or update data on the computer.

- You will inform people and refer, guide them to the right colleagues, service or place. 



- Some experience in office management or experience as a receptionist is desired. Starters with the right skills may also apply! 

- Your personality describes you as friendly, helpful and caring 

- You have excellent organizational, communicative, interpersonal skills. 

- You are a fluent communicator and speak both Dutch and French. Knowledge of English is a plus.

- You have the competence to think strategically and identify problems. 

- You are higly motivated and have a hands on approach. 


Customer Service Officer


- You are the single point of contact for our clients and take care of the complete administrative handling of their cars.

- Operating closely with your team members, you manage the fleet of poolcars of different companies and make sure the process flow set up with a client are being followed. Teamspirit is of grave importance, as you will be helping out your team members if needed.

- You manage every request made by your clients in order to perfectly execute the request. To achieve this you stay in touch with our clients by mail and by phone, on a daily basis. Often the collaboration will be reviewed in a meeting with your clients.

- You are responsible for processing every request and action performed on a car. You register the entire handling process to be able to provide your clients with a correct overview of their cars and to be able to start the invoicing process.

- You prepare a daily schedule of the tasks to be performed on your cars for execution by one of the teams responsible. 

- In case of issues, you will consult with our operations manager and actively search for a solution. Afterwards you will communicate the solution agreed upon to your client for feedback. If needed you will make sure this solution is executed first-hand.

- You report ongoing about the cars in process at Care4fleets to your clients.



- You are heavily focussed on customers and will do anything for your clients.

- You are a fluent communicator and speak both Dutch, French as English very well. You appreciate an open and clear communication with your colleagues as well as your clients. Because of an open communication with your clients, you are not afraid of some criticism. 

- You have a sales-oriented mind which you take into account when interacting with clients and customers.

- You are comfortable working in a flexible schedule, variating between 7.30 AM - 3.30 PM and 10 AM - 6 PM.

- You are in possession of a bachelor's degree or relevant experience equal to a degree of this kind.

- You have a touch of interest for cars and automotive.


Damage advisor Drivex - Region East - and West flanders


- You will be performing damage reviews on cars (poolcars as well as end of lease) of our clients, based on certain norms and methodologies. The reviews are done in presence of the driver of the car, using a camera tablet. Each review takes about 30 minutes and can be done at the Care4Fleets site or at the location of the client (always in Benelux).

- You are responsible for keeping the driver of the car perfectly informed about the state of the car and make sure he agrees by signing the damage overview at the end. If needed you provide additional information about the damages present and tips on how to avoid car damage. Also, you add any remarks the driver might have to the report.

- At the office you process the damage overview into the review report which is then sent to the client. 

- Besides damage reviews, you are occasionally tasked with delivering prepared cars to the drivers at the Care4Fleets site. You make the new driver aware of possible damage present on the car and assist him in using the car.



- You work in a flexibile schedule between 7.30 AM and 6 PM. Working outside does not bother you.

- You are comfortable interacting with clients and drivers, staying friendly at all times and having a good appearance.

- You have a good knowledge of Dutch, English and French and possess some Office skills (Word, Excel).

- You are a teamplayer and your interest lies in keeping all files up to date together with the damage advisory team.

- You have a touch of interest for cars and automotive.


Interested in one of these job offers, which come with an attractive salary and an interesting challenge in a strongly growing company with a playful and active atmosphere? Send your resume to or contact us trough our website and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!