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Who we are

Care4Fleets is thé specialist in the area of operational and integrative fleet services.

As an independent service provider we offer our customers all possible operational and supportive fleet services to manage their car fleet in an optimal way. Care4fleets offers its services both to companies which have their own integrated fleet department as to companies specialized in fleet management. We are situated in the centre of Belgium (Vilvoorde) and from here we provide our services throughout the whole of Belgium.

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Our services

Care4Fleets' advisor taking picture of damage on car

Damage review

Our damage advisory team performs the damage reviews on your cars at your office locations, private addresses or our office in Vilvoorde.

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Exterior cleaning of car before delivering it to customer


Our cleaning team makes sure every car is ready to be delivered at any moment, in a showroom clean status.

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Care4Fleets' technical advisor checking car for safety kit


Working closely with the cleaning team, we rely on our technical advisors to detect any possible technical issues that need to be taken care to deliver the car in an impeccable driving condition.

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Care4Fleets' drivers ready to leave on a transport assignment


Our transport services are one of the most appreciated services we offer because we are amongst the most flexible car transporting companies.

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Line of converted yellow vans

Vehicle conversion

Our vehicule conversion programme offers a broad range of adaptations to your vehicles, in order to meet your daily operational needs.

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Overview of Care4Fleets' office

Head office

Our head office team takes care of your day to day fleet concerns in a professional way.

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Care4Fleets' exterior car storage park


Our facility in Vilvoorde is well equipped to store over 2750 cars simultaneously.

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Care4Fleets expert finishes damage inspection with happy customer
Since 2011, Care4Fleets has been a partner of Randstad Group when it comes to operational poolmanagement. They provide both intakes and deliveries of poolcars as intakes of end of contract cars and deliveries on site. Taking care of more than 20 weekly deliveries and intakes, Care4Fleets holds a very important role in our process. We can continue to count on a very strong customer-oriented attitude, combined with an indispensable flexibility.
Care4Fleets expert conducts damage inspection on site
We consider Care4Fleets as a very loyal and reliable partner. Whenever we run into a problem concerning our fleet, we can rely on Care4Fleets to look into this together and find the best possible solution. Brainstorming together, organizing our fleet in a correct and efficient way, providing expert opinions… are only a couple aspects of their highly valued service we can trust on. They offer us a very pleasant cooperation and good accessibility.
Group damage inspections at dealership
KPMG has been working with Care4Fleets for over 8 years now. As a loyal partner they do not only offer us indispensable support when it comes to monitoring our fleet of poolcars, but also provide crucial flexibility regarding the intakes and deliveries of our cars even outside the opening hours. Their well-founded connections with suppliers ensure us very smooth processing of our surplus and end of contract cars.