Care4Fleets at a glance

Working with Care4Fleets in a nutshell? These are our 10 purposes through which you discover our vision on running a good fleet business and making our customers happy.

Discover these 10 good reasons why you should work with us!
Management of daily fleet operations, means less worries and costs for you and your fleet department
Personal & uniform approach to all drivers.
Neutral and detailed damage review on location or at Care4fleets based on Renta norm with online tool for damage reviews and maximal usage of new body repair techniques in direct contact with the driver.
Diverse cleaning services to deliver cars showroom ready.
Detailed technical check and follow-up to guarantee safety and comfortability of your drivers and cars.
Pick-up and delivery of cars on location everywhere in Belgium and abroad, at your business site or at our offices in Vilvoorde.
Don’t have a practical car for your profession? Our vehicle conversion team can tailor your car to your needs.
Too many cars, not enough drivers? More than 50.000 m² of parking lots available to store your cars with regular check-ups.
Special car projects like preparation of new cars and pre-delivery reviews? We can tailor our services to your needs.
Individual and group deliveries possible: delivery events ranging from 1 car to over 300 cars at once.
Ready to work with us?